A Little About Me

Art in some form has always seemed to come naturally to me. In my grade school years, I sketched with pad and pencil. In high school I wrote a lot of poetry as well as took a few drama courses. After I graduated, I returned to sketching. It wasn't until late 1999 that I became interested in digital art. I started off creating basic web pages for myself, which then evolved into learning photo-manipulation. I made quite a few signature tags in my early digital years. Seeing some signature tags using 3D characters started my journey to 3D art.

My favorite genres are fantasy, gothic, and steam-punk. I often like to mix genres, so you'll also find such creations as gothic elves and steam-punk faeries, amongst others. Fantasy has always been my all-time love, and tends to show up more in my art.

I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and that reflects onto my artwork. I won't spend forever working on a piece, but I will spend enough time on it to make it look great. And I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my style.

On the personal side, I'm a married stay-at-home mother of two boys. We share our home with many fur babies including a black cat, a Papillon, and two Alaskan Husky litter mates. We also had a sun conure who passed in 2010, an Alaskan Malamute who passed in 2013, a rabbit who also passed in 2013, a cockatiel who passed in 2014, and a Siberian Husky who passed in 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you learn to create digital art?
I am completely self-taught. After purchasing the programs, I skimmed through the manuals. Mostly, though, I learned by opening the programs and playing around. If I got stuck, I looked up an online tutorial or found a forum and asked.

What materials/programs do you use?
I use Poser Pro 2014 and pre-made 3D meshes to set up the scene in a 3D environment. After the scene is rendered, I open the now 2D image in Paint Shop Pro X8 Ultimate. I use that program to fix any issues with the scene, as well as to add other elements (like sparkles, fog, ect.).

Do you do commissions? How much?
Yes, I am open for commissions. Please see my contact page for more information.

Do you sell originals?
No, with 3D digital artwork it is harder to sell originals. Once in a while I do sell signed limited edition prints. Keep up to date on my blog.

Do you use references for your work?
Not really. Usually I get an idea in my head and work from there. Sometimes if the idea isn't panning out, I'll browse around, looking at artwork to see if inspiration hits.

Where can I find/purchase more of your work?
You can purchase select prints and products right here on RavenMoon Designs. Just click the Shop link. Additionally, you can purchase other prints and products at my Zazzle and deviantART shops.

Achievements and Awards
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Soft Body Mechanics
12" of Sin 2014;
Sin City Gallery
juried gallery exhibition

The Tough Jobs
American Art Awards 2013
1st place - digital

Elegant Artistry
American Art Awards 2013
3rd place - digital

Woodland Whispers
American Art Awards 2012
4th place - digital

Atlantean Allure
American Art Awards 2012
6th place - digital

The Swan
12" of Sin 2012;
Sin City Gallery
juried gallery exhibition

Beauty Amongst the Thorns
12" of Sin 2012;
Sin City Gallery
juried gallery exhibition

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