Commission/Licensing Information

*I am not currently taking commissions at this time. I have been on hiatus from 3D art creation for the past year. I am currently focusing on another hobby, photography. Thank you for your interest.*

I offer commissioned and commercial licensed 3D digital art pieces for a fair price. This includes printable artwork, book/CD covers, ect. Please read all of the information below before contacting me.

When you request a commissioned piece, please remember you will be receiving a custom piece of artwork. Be sure you have the funds to pay me via PayPal before you request a piece. If you are under 18 and do not have your own PayPal account, please be sure to get permission from the person whose account you will be using.

When requesting a commission, please be as specific and detailed in your description as possible. My idea of what you want may be vastly different than your idea, especially if you don't provide enough for me to work with. If you have sketches or other references of your scene/character, let me know. I will not spend time revising the scene multiple times because my idea isn't an exact replica of your idea. You are hiring me to be creative and create you a piece of artwork because you like my style. Understand that you are giving me the artistic freedom to create that scene for you in my style.

Please also keep in mind, I work with a 3d program using pre-made 3d models. I do not free-hand paint. So I am somewhat limited in what those models can do. I get creative in using the models for specific needs/purposes, but in the end, there is still only so much I can do.
Be aware that if I have to purchase any models to create the scene, the price of the work will go up depending on how much I have to spend out of pocket.

I do not create in all styles, so please be aware of this when making a request. My main genres are fantasy, gothic, steam-punk, horror, sci-fi, and toon. I can also create pin-up (tasteful) and a more modern style, but those are not generally what I do. I do not create specific anime or any sub-genres of anime (as in fan-art; but I can do toon work that can resemble the general anime style). If you're not sure if I can do what you want, please ask.

Basic Pricing Info (all $ is US currency)
1-3 characters, no background or added elements, logo-style image - $35 & up

1 character, simple background, a few added elements (sparkles, fog, ect.) - $50 & up

1 character, complex scenery, a few added elements (sparkles, fog, ect.) - $65 & up

2 characters, simple background, a few added elements (sparkles, fog, ect.) - $80 & up

2 characters, complex scenery, a few added elements (sparkles, fog, ect.) - $100 & up

For more than 2 characters, please contact me for a quote. Price will also depend on how complex the scenery is. Pricing will start at $125.

For 1 character scenes (or anything $65 and under), payment will be due upon completion of the piece. For 2+ character scenes, 50% will need to be put down before I start, with the remaining 50% being paid upon completion.

I will keep you updated in terms of how the scene is coming along and will send watermarked proofs for you to check the progress. I will not revise the scene more than a couple times (2x at most), so be sure to provide specific details up front.

When the scene is completed and paid for, I will send you the final .PNG image file. You are free to do with it what you want, except sell it to make a profit. If you would like to use it on products to make a profit, the work will need to be licensed  (see Licensing below). If you wish to have prints/products for personal use, I can upload the image to my deviantART or Zazzle account or you can upload to any number of online printing services or take it into a print shop. Once you have ordered what you want, the print feature needs to be turned off if the image is left up for public viewing.

You can request a licensed piece, either as a commission (commission price + licensing price) or from my portfolio of already-made works. I require an advance payment up front for each piece, and my royalty fee is 6% and up (dependent upon the type of merchandise and the selling market). Advance payment will be deducted from future royalties until paid, then royalties are to be paid. If interested in purchasing licenses for 5 or more pieces, I'll give a 15% bundle discount.

Basic Pricing Info (all $ is US currency)
advance for anything created in 2015 - $300 per piece

advance for anything created in 2014 - $250 per piece

advance for anything created in 2013 - $200 per piece

advance for anything created in 2012 - $150 per piece

advance for anything earlier than 2012 (see my deviantART account, left hand side, scroll down for years) - $100 & below per peice

Lastly, I retain all copyrights to the original images, including the rights to display them online.

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*I am not currently taking commissions. Thank you.*
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